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Raging Death
Genre: Swedish Death Metal

Some old school sounding Swedish Death Metal right here, my boys. Was introduced to these guys by a dude who works in the same building as me. Apparently their last album, 'The Tomb Awaits' was universally acclaimed, and considered one of the best death metal albums of 2011. Need to check that one out. Straight forward, old school sounding death metal. Thick and crunchy guitars and pounding bass. Clean, yet still a little fuzzy, production. The kind of production I think works great for old school death metal. A lot of the tunes have some awesomely complex structures without getting wank. Lot's of different riffs and tempos. Track #5, 'Cadaverous Stench', is an absolutely gorgeous tune. Slow, groovy and technical, reminds me a lot of Cannibal Corpse's 'Gallery of Suicide'. An excellent track, one of my top songs of the year. Unfortunately, no vid of it on YouTube. I can't picture any old school death metal fan not enjoying these guys.

In Pieces

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