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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post

Harm's Way
Genre: Hardcore

This is the first Harm's Way record I've actually sat down and listened to. Was suprised. I always thought they were more of a straight up hardcore band, but this is pretty unique. It's a very angry and negative sounding album, which is I usually like. They lace their angry ass hardcore with metal and even some hints of industrial and atmospheric and noise overtones. I usually don't care for those, but it works here. I feel like this band has a generally negative opinion of the human race. As do I, which makes me like this record a little more. Bad ass vocals and heavily distorted guitars exacerbate this tone. Metal fans of many genres would probably enjoy this.

Blinded (full album)
You should definitely check out their previous album, Isolation. Negative as fuck hardcore, but with less of the Swedish death metal influence that's on this one. The breakdown in the title track is so stupid heavy.
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