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#3 Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clock Work

This album to me seems like it's been one of those albums that has so many varying opinions, all the way from being considered one of the biggest letdowns of the year to this being one of the best things they've ever done. Obviously based on my ranking, I find this to be one of the better albums they've done in their career. After a couple listens I'll admit I was letdown as well. Having nothing short of an all star team of guests I was expecting something different. After giving it some time I fell in love and found it to be one of the best hard rock albums I've ever heard.

One thing was sure after 1 listen. "Keep Your Eyes Peeled" was one of my favorite songs I heard this whole year. That is the most Kyuss-ish thing I have heard from Josh Homme since he was in Kyuss. That song is just so slow and heavy with one of the most amazing bass sounds that I've ever heard. Even if you gave up on QOTSA but love Kyuss, I would strongly suggest atleast giving this song a listen. I Sat By The Ocean sounds exactly like a song I would want to listen to while lounging by the ocean. Just a great hard rock song with a great chorus. Its a pretty simple song with a lot of groove. First few times I heard My God Is The Sun I was a little underwhelmed but again after a few times it finally stuck w/ me. A really great choice for a first single. Kalopsia was initially a disappointment to me when I saw that was the song Reznor was in. I expected so much more, then after another listen I was in love w/ it. Starting off so slow and quiet with the best chorus in this whole album, and with Reznor putting in some guitar that have that Reznor sound and him also doing some backup vocals as well. Its kind of half really beautiful mellow song and then half harder edged song. Smooth Sailing, goddamn there haven't been too many songs I've heard that are catchier than this song. Probably one of the catchiest songs they've ever done in their career. With one of the best lyrics of the year "I blow my load over the status quo". If this isn't catchy to you then you might be dead.

Obviously I, much like other QOTSA fans, long for the Rated R/Songs For The Dead days. The thing of it is, I don't think we are going to get albums like that anymore. I think there will be elements of those albums into future albums but I don't see it happening and honestly if they make gems like this I am more than ok with that. This album went #1 when it came out and there's few times where I see someone w/ the #1 album where I think yea that album deserves to be #1. This does deserve all the praise that it's got. This might just be the album that moves them up to that next level. I was just amazed at seeing the picture posted on here where the Barclays Center (Arena? I don't remember) was so packed for them. I love that they are getting those sized crowds because I think they deserve it. If you are someone that has an open mind when listening to other genres of metal/hard rock give this one a chance.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled
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