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46.Earl Sweatshirt-Doris

In the world of hip-hop in 2013, it's hard to find an album that was as hyped as Earl Sweatshirt's Doris. All his fans wanted to hear how he would follow up his highly-acclaimed mixtape Earl, especially after his highly-publicized stint in Samoa. Doris is a confusing album for me because there are some aspects of the new Earl Sweatshirt that I absolutely love and other that I don't. When Doris hits, it's an absolute slam-dunk. "Burgundy", "Sunday" and "Chum" delve into emotional side of Sweatshirt that he's never exposed before. He's only 19, but he talks about themes like depression and his lack of a relationship with his father just as eloquently and intelligently as someone twice his age. There's also a couple of sick tracks ("Hive", "Centurion") that serve as a more refined and subtle throwback to the violent shit that he used to rap about when he was 15. The problem with Doris is that for every great song, there is filler to kill the momentum. Both Tyler, the Creator feature tracks ("Sasquatch, "Whoa") are wildly out-of-place for this album's more mature theme and feature probably the two worst verses Tyler has ever done. It also doesn't help that Earl's new flow is pretty stagnant. It's not that there isn't any emotion displayed, it's just that Earl's new flow doesn't have the same punch that his old one did. He should definitely stick with the more mature themes he explores on this record, he just needs to rap with the same intensity that he did in the past to really drive the power of these songs home. The lyricism is fantastic and there is a solid number of great tracks here, but if Sweatshirt wants to live to his immense potential, he needs to make an album that is consistent and passionate throughout.

Standout Tracks
11/28 ABR/ETID
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