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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
I'm not gonna do a separate list for EP's, but feel free to include EP's in your main list if you would like.
Thanks baby.

Albums :
1. Deafheaven - Sunbather
2. Retox- YPLL
3. Tyler, The Creator - Wolf
4. Mammoth Grinder- Underworlds
5. Ghost - Infestissumam
6. Holy - Age Of Collapse
7. PLF - Devious Persecution And Wholesale Slaughter
8. Nekrofilth - Devil's Breath
9. Iron Lung - White Glove Test
10. A$AP Rocky - Long Live A$AP.
12/26-Lil B/Trash Talk
1/5-Cattle Decapitation/Theories
1/10-Sex Prisoner/Final Draft
1/23-Harm's Way/Disgrace
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