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47.Last Chance to Reason-Level 3

It's a shame that this will probably be the final Last Chance to Reason record since vocalist Mike Lassard joined The Contortionist and a majority of the lineup left after recording this album. These guys have been one of the most exciting progressive metal acts to emerge in the past few years and Level 3 continues the trend. This record is more melodic and less technical than their earlier stuff, giving Lassard a lot of time shine vocally and he rises to the occasion. Tracks like "The Artist", "Rebirth" and "The Escapist" are amongst the most stunning vocal lines he's ever delivered. The music was definitely more textured and fluid in the past, but the vocals have never been better making, helping Level 3 overcomes its flaws and be a pretty damn impressive record.

Standout Tracks
1.The Artist
3.Adrift II: A Vision Ends
6/9 Lana Del Rey
6/10 Juicy J
6/18 Dillinger Escape Plan
7/14 Warped Tour
8/4 Slipknot/LOG
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