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Eyehategod -- Austin, TX -- December 30th, 2013

Incomplete and somewhat out of order. If anyone else was there, please help me out:

Take as Needed for Pain
Jackass in the Will of God
$30 Bag
White Nigger
Masters of Legalized Confusion
Sisterfucker Pt. I
Sisterfucker Pt. II
New Orleans is the New Vietnam
Dixie Whiskey
Medicine Noose
Peace Thru War (Thru Peace and War)
My Name is God (I Hate You)

Eyehategod played from 12:05 to 1:35 (they had a clock onstage) with several brief intermissions to interact with the crowd when they were deciding which song to play next, such as Mike IX cracking a "bitch, I might be" joke (then having to explain it), the entire band ripping on someone who shouted "fuck the Saints", and Mike introducing their new drummer Aaron after starting a "Joey" chant.

Their merch was relatively inexpensive; the most costly thing I saw all night was Mike's book for $20, and the least expensive thing was a bottle of hot sauce for $5. They also had DVD's and patches (of the EHG logo and a Joey backpatch) for $10, and shirts (S-XL) for $15.

Overall, for $17, this was a sick show, and I'm very glad I went.
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