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and you can never quarantine the past
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"How long has it been? 9 months? A year? I wouldn't be entirely surprised if it's only been three weeks. Solitary confinement fucks you up, man. Humans aren't meant to live like this. In my time outside the prison walls, I had been a hermit - but nothing like this. I always thought the SHU was this place where it's pitch-black all the time, and I was absolutely terrified - but now that I've been in here a while, I'm comfortable saying that I'd much rather be in that room. If I ever get out of here, I'm never going into the sun again. Not that I'd be able to see it with my eyes now. I'd love to say you'll get used to it, but it's a lie. You never get used to this light. 'Blinding' is a cliche. It tells me that there is a world out there, but they've chosen to not let me be a part of it. There's no worse feeling.

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