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Top 5 Biggest Pleasant Suprises

Won't go into detail as these all made my Top 25, they'll get small reviews there. But these are 5 albums that I was pleasantly suprised with how much I liked, either because I'm not a huge fan of the band, poor recent albums, etc.

From Beer to Eternity

I always listen to Ministry when a new album comes out, because I like their older stuff (Filth Pig and earlier, back to early 90's, not their 80's stuff), but never like it. Liked this album, some good tunes.

Winds of Plague

Their last album sucked, was just bad. Didn't expect to like this, but I did. Not outstanding or groundbreaking, but an enjoyable, fun listen.

IV: Empires Collapse

Have never been a huge fan of Warbinger's albums, rather more of a fan of their live show. This album fucking shreds. Some absolute riff-o-rama, and I actually enjoy the vocals, which in thrash metal, are an aspect I often times dislike.

When Mutation Becomes Homicidal

This album has already been lauded by a few here and rightfully so. I never expect anything different when I listen to Slam Death, but this was a breath of fresh air. Very unique and absolutely pounding blend of Brutal Deathcore, Slam Death, and Beatdown Hardcore.

Waking the Cadaver
Real Life Death

It's been 7 years since 'Chased Through the Woods by a Rapist' came out. Band is A LOT better. Never thought anything these guys did was outstanding, but it was fun, brutal, heavy ass brutal deathcore. This album fucking slams. Heavy, heavy, heavy. Lot's of great tunes.

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
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