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The Paradigm Shift

Korn hasn't made a great album since 2002's Untouchables (wasn;t great, but you know what I mean), now that Head is back, this new one has got to be their best since, right? Wrong. I was excited to see Head back in the band, and after watching some videos of their lives shows with him, it seemed the band was excited themselves. Naturally, I expected this album to be good. I didn't expect another self-titled, but I was thinking they could at least match Issues or Untouchables. They didn't, not even close.

I watched the video for Never Never, and almost couldn't believe how bad it was. Hated the song. I checked out the whole album once it was released, and actually had some faith while/after listening to the opener, Prey For Me. That's actually a pretty solid tune, certainly worth listening to a few times. Nothing after that comes even close. There are a couple decent tracks that are listenable, but nothing that has made want to listen to the album anymore. Some flat out BAD tracks. Really thought the band would put something together after the string of so-so albums and their dubstep "experiement." Gone is the power and crunch, gone is their signature groove, the only unique aspect that remains is Fieldy's bass, which put behind lame-o guitar riffs along w/ simple drum beats an 8-year-old could master, isn't the same. The little bit of faith I had remaining in Korn is gone. At least from what I've seen online, they're still solid live.

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