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The Divinity of Purpose

This isn't a bad album, it's just not that good. I still listen to a few songs on the album, but I find myself skipping most of it. After they streamed the first track, 'Put It to the Torch', I was excited cause I fucking loved that song. The rest, other than a few tunes, isn't great. Hatebreed had promised this album would be "all pit and no shit." Well, unfortunately, there is some shit. Some downright bad songs. This album is barely better than their last, which sucked. Jamey's voice isn't what it used to be (can't fault the guy), and a lot of the tunes are the same recycled riffs, and I don't find myself wanting to break things when I listen to this record, like I do with their first 4 albums. Again, not a bad album, but when a band that's in my personal Top 15 bands barely makes your Top 25 Albums OTY list, you know it's far from their best work.

I hope you're well. Go to hell.

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