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Dying Fetus
February 18, 2013
@ Nectar's
Burlington, VT

My buddy lives in Burlington and had been on my ass to go to Metal Monday's @ Nectar's, a bar he works at. It's actually a pretty nice bar with a small stage. Couldn't believe they got Dying Fetus to play. Figured a death metal show in a state full of hippies and pretentious douche bags (not everyone, so any Vermonter's don't take offense) would just be so-so. Not the case, place was fucking chaos from beginning to end. Whole floor was a fucking warzone. I had an area walled off for me to film, the barricade (which was heavy as hell) was blasted over, knocking the camera from my hands, almost shit a brick. Thankfully the ol' girl was fine (for the time being). Had to hold the camera, as the bass drum was so powerful it shook my tripod, which isn't a cheap one. To make things even sweeter, this bar has an outstanding beer selection, and tickets were $12.


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