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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post

I think we're in more disagreement on 2012 than any other year I've been posting here.

Only two albums were in both our top 10s. Quite a different story than 2011 if I remember right.

I'm really glad to see pg.lost here though. I didn't see that one on many lists last year, but damn what a fine album. Godspeed beat it out on my list by a narrow margin. #5 and #4, respectively. Last year was a much better year for post-rock than this one was. There wasn't a single post-rock album this year as good as Godspeed's, pg.lost's, or Summer Fades Away's last year. Unless I just missed something pretty substantial.

Kudos for finishing this.
What did I have on my list that you didn't like? What was on your list that I didn't have on mine? I may have missed a few good things in the past year or so - life has been very busy for me for a while.
9/2 Chelsea Wolfe
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