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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Your reviews are awesome.
Thank you, sir.

Hey mom? Dad? I wanted to thank you. For bringing me into this world. I know that's a pretty weird thing to thank your parents for, but I feel like all my life I've been harboring this hate in my heart, this resentment towards you guys for giving birth to me, bringing me here against my will. I think that's what bothered me most, y'know? You never asked me what I wanted. If I even wanted to be born. I used to think of you guys as selfish, but I see now that's not the case. Things are never that black and white.

But with that being said - I'm done. Thanks for raising me - you didn't have to do it, but you did, and I appreciate it - but I have no reason to stick around. I've figured out my purpose, y'know? Why I'm here on Earth. It's to establish the ideal society - a society with no silly gender distinctions or greedy capitalist fucks who wouldn't hesitate to kick the downtrodden so they can reach a higher rung on the ladder. Why exactly are these people in charge of us, anyway? What gives one human the right to claim moral and legal authority over another human? Answer me! Oh, that's right... you can't. You see, this is why I'm severing ties. I'll always love you guys, but right now you're standing in the way of my ideological journey, and that's just not going to fly. So I guess this is goodbye, then.

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