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Top 5 Shows of 2013

5. Meshuggah, Animals as Leaders, and Intronaut
Monday, February 11th
The Beacham Theater
Orlando, FL

I had been beyond pissed the moment this tour was announced sine AaL was placed above Intronaut on the bill. I'm not a fan of AaL and while I'll never write off on seeing a band live, I wasn't impressed with them at all. Sure, they are gifted musicians and there are just 3 people in this band, but I can't get into them no matter how hard I try. With that being said, I would have rather seen a longer set from Intronaut than 45 minutes from AaL. A combination of things saved this show for me: making barricade after only showing up 30 minutes before doors, getting a couple Pitch Black EP vinyls for free, not only having the security guy sell me a gram of some amazing Purple but also allowing me to run to my car to get my pipe and go backstage to smoke in between bands, and almost breaking my neck to Meshuggah headbanging. The only negative part of the show was that Jens was just starting to get sick (it was the first date of the tour) and you could notice that as the set went on. They did Dancers to a Discordant System with no vocalist.

Intronaut - Milk Leg (shit quality from some guy with a camera phone on the balcony)

Meshuggah - Dancers to a Discordant System (Instrumental)

4.Dying Fetus, Exhumed, Waking the Cadaver, Abiotic
Sunday, October 6th
Orlando, FL

No Devourment for this show. We only found that out at the door so my friend and I bailed to get food somewhere and come back. We were also told Abiotic and WtC had switched spots so that lead to our food run decision. Apparently, they never changed spots on the bill so we missed Abiotic and got stuck watching WtC. Slam slam, bro bro. Out of the 3 times I've seen them, Exhumed put on the best show and it was the show that I've seen them have the most energy. They absolutely killed it. Dying Fetus, well, it made my top 5 so that should tell you something. Class, professionalism, and insanity; always present at every Dying Fetus show.

Exhumed - As Hammer to Anvil (The lady who films most of these live shows and puts them on YouTube, hvymtlmom, is Kathy. She's been a long time friend of mine so check out her videos. I also believe I show up in some of the Exhumed and Dying Fetus videos since I was standing right next to her.)

Dying Fetus - Homicidal Retribution

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