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How was Pelican live? I missed them on their most recent tour. I imagine they'd be amazing.

Hey, remember the last scene of Requiem for a Dream? You know, the 'ass to ass'? Well, that was your girlfriend last night with one of the carnies in town for the circus. Except for one thing: she was totally enjoying it, bro. Every goddamn second of it. That slut. Oh, what's that? Now all your friends have abandoned you for being a little pussy? Haha, you are a pussy, man.

Everything is fucked.

But hey, um, don't go starting anything or whatever. You definitely shouldn't go chug a liter of Johnnie Walker Red. That guy walking down the street, looking the wrong way at you? Yeah, he's not looking at you, man; he's minding his own business. If anything, he's purposely trying to look away, 'cause he can smell the whiskey-fueled rage emanating out of your pores. Seriously, bro, go home. I wasn't trying to antagonize you! I'm sorry if you took it that way. Go home. You're not in your right mind now. You're gonna regret this in the morning.

Stream on bandcamp

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