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Hellawaits77's Three-Quarter Asses End o' da Year List: V. 2013

MODS: Can you change the "asses" to "assed" in the title? Yep, nice job on that one by yours truly.

Here's my annual end o' da year list. I put slightly more effort into this year's edition, so it's more of a three-quarter assed effort than a half-assed effort. And for those that know my musical tastes, I'm predominantly a death metal guy. Mostly old school death and brutal death. Obviously, those are the subgenres I listen to most often. I do listen to other stuff, just not as much. Many of you will think this list is "one dimensional", and I'll admit my list isn't nearly as diverse as some. But as I've always said, I rank albums not on how "epic", "amazing", or "groundbreaking" they are, I simply judge them by how good they sound to my ears.

In this thread I will post:
Top 5 Live Performances (only went to 5 shows this year, so can't have a "worst of" list)
5 Biggest Disappointments
5 Most Pleasant Suprises
Top 25 Albums w/ short writeups
Top 25 Songs
Maybe a few other things

Here goes...............

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)

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