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I made it through the first DVD of the Goldberg set tonight. It was good for nostalgia. And really, Goldberg had potential to be a lot better in the ring then he ever was. I think a few more years of training and matches before he got on the grand stage would've made us look at him a lit differently. (I've always liked him, but I've heard a lot of people criticize his ring work).

If I would really change anything about the set, I don't like that they didn't have a little graphic on the bottom of the screen at the beginning of each match stating where and when the match happened.

And I did notice one point at the beginning the commentators "adding" some matches to the streak. When he wins the title against Hogan he's 108-0. The next match on the set is at Bash at the Beach, six days later. The commentators say that they hadden't seen Goldberg since he won the title. Then when he beats Curt Henning they say he's 112-0. But I've heard that the numbers of the streak were fudged a bit and it was closer to 100 to 110 straight wins.

I love watching late-1990's WCW so I recommend the set. But knowing how things worked out, that end of Starcade 1998 really pisses me off.
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