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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
Tell me something though, if you were able to find such albums used in a used CD store, would you buy them? Because the bands and record labels aren't getting anything off of that used album sale. Not only that, you're also rewarding someone else for buying that music second hand. Likely the store, who previously would have given a certain amount of money to the person selling that album. Which could have happened after that person proactively ripped said CD onto his/her computer leaving a digital copy that he/she can still listen to, which legally is allowed since it would be for personal use.
Sorry to interject here but this gets in to a whole other realm. You're implying that a used CD store is selling potentially "hot" merchandise like a bootleg watch dealer on the street. That's a bit of a crazy stretch there honestly. Anything sold on the secondary market doesn't directly benefit the original source except in cases of anything that needs maintenance...aka I need spare parts for this machinery or piece of equipment and even then there are non-OEM manufacturers. At least the retail store though benefits from your purchase, I don't see how piracy/theft whatever you wanna call it benefits things for anyone, it just raises the cost of everything. On the off chance one spends $ on a concert ticket because "ooh I liked that pirated CD" that's not the norm and is few and far between.
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