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There's also situations where piracy is the only way to acquire certain music, and even these situations are seen as tolerable or even acceptable by stark opponents of downloading. For example, if it wasn't for piracy, I would not be able to ever hear Revocation's first album Empire of the Obscene because it was self-released and now out of print. You can't find a new copy in chain stores, indie stores, on Amazon, any online stores affiliated with the band like Relapse's website, nor is it available digitally on Amazon Mp3, iTunes, spotify, etc. This is just one example that "affects" me, but i'm sure everyone on here can name an instance like this for a band/album they like.

Or even if the album is not available in certain territories for whatever reason such as a person being a developing nation or nations that have strict media import policies and it's hard to acquire certain music legally, like certain Middle eastern countries or even more developed nations like China. We deem it ok for situations like these but not for others. And yeah, I guess a distinction should be made between a person living in Iran or Israel where their favourite band's material isn't available vs. the web savvy teenager in a developed nation dumping full discographies onto his/her hard drive while they're sleeping.

I think situations like these as well as the various posts in this thread over the last few pages have shown that this isn't a simple black and white "this is wrong and this is right" issue. It's such a double edged sword, it's hard for most people to stand on one side. Even bands themselves recognize that. I still see shit loads of interviews where bands are asked about the interview, and a lot of time the answer is something along the lines of "It's wrong and it sucks we aren't getting paid for our music...BUUUUTTT it's also given us more exposure and made our music available in certain areas of the world, and people show up to the shows blah blah blah."

Sort of back to the topic of this thread and tying into this sort of, it also somewhat bothers me that a lot of people who are very anti-piracy and downloading because of the effects it has on the artists and indirectly the consumers, have no issues pirating other types of media. Like porn. That's not necessarily pointed at anyone here (although, come on, i'm sure there are at least a couple of you who fit this bill), but people in general who have an issue with illegally downloading/streaming music but not Porn, TV shows, movies, sporting events, etc.
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