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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
5. Panopticon - Kentucky (2012)

What better way to wrap up my top 5 new finds of the year than with Kentucky's own Black Metal/Bluegrass trip, Panopticon!

I had never heard of this band prior to 2013, but when I heard that there was a band that mixed Bluegrass instruments with black metal I thought was skeptical, and thought it would be DUMB AS FUCK, especiallly with a name like Panopticon! What is this, a Pantera themed Transformer? I checked out a couple songs on YouTube and thought it was good, but nothing amazing. I found a copy of this album for a good price on my band's labels webstore and decided to give it a true shot... and WOW... I was blown away.

It isn't as "Blackgrass" as some reviews make it out to be (it isn't HEY WE R TEH BLACK METULZ PLAYING TEH BLUEGRASSES IN SONGS LOL). The album is made up of half folk-black metal songs that at times do have bluegrass instruments, and half straight up bluegrass songs! I wasn't sure what to think of it, I really wasn't, but listening to the album from front to back is a trip. You can tell that this guy is very proud of where he is from, and its history. To be honest, the power this album produced brought a tear to my eye. It is so great to hear AMERICAN black metal pay tribute to AMERICAN roots. Who would have thought it could be done so well?

Here is a link to their Bandcamp to stream the whole album. Much like the Gallowbraid EP, this deserves a listen from beginning to end. Just give it a chance and you'll see how well it all melds together... but if you are just wanting a quick sample, click on "Bodies Under the Falls".
This is without doubt the weirdest thing I've ever heard. It's not the worst thing I've ever heard and I can picture people who like those kind of vocals liking it. The artwork screams identity crisis but I'm guessing that's what they were going for. I'm old school and bought many, many albums based on artwork and song titles back in the day. I can picture me in a record store just looking at this cover going WTF? for an hour...
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