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The distinction AnthG is making between theft and piracy is correct, but it doesn't make a difference -- it is wrong, immoral, whatever. That being said, I'll admit that I do it. I don't download much new music, it's usually old thrash (weird, eh? But I'm not paying for a copy of Detente's lone album just to listen to it a few times) but that doesn't make it any more right. I'm pirating music, plain and simple.

Honestly though, if it weren't so fucking easy, people wouldn't do it. Seriously, why is it still so fucking easy? This has been going on for YEARS. If the music industry really wanted to put a stop to it, they would have done it by now, wouldn't they? It's so EASY. I can download almost anything I can think of in literally minutes. Go ahead, try it. Search for an album -- hell, search for a discography -- if you're not a complete imbecile, that album/discography/whatever will be on your hard drive before dinner time. If those Porsches that ravenheart mentioned were as easy to steal as music is to pirate, and there were little to no repercussions for doing it, just as there is with pirating music you can bet your physical copy of Earth Rocker that I'd have three of those puppies sitting in my driveway right now. It's a joke, really.
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