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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
My boys! I really should send this blurb over to Julz and company, I'm sure they'd be humbled as all hell from reading it. I forgot, did you finally get to see them on the Soilwork tour?
Yeah I saw them and it was awesome! I'm currently wearing my Hatchet shirt from that tour.

Now that it's been a good amount of time since the album came out, I definitely think Dawn of the End is a very high watermark for the traditional side of the retro-thrash thing, along with Waking Into Nightmares (we'll have to see if Fog of War match it, I think it's very possible). It's almost kind of like a nice coda for the re-thrash thing.
I would agree those two are near the top. Waking Into Nightmares is the best retro-thrash album and will never be beaten, but Dawn of the End ranks up there with Feed The Beast, Citizen Brain, and a few others that top my retro-thrash list. Fog of War definitely has the potential, but I don't love their first album for some reason.
2/20 - Cannibal Corpse
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