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Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
12. Hatchet - Dawn of the End

It's not secret that I was a huge fan of Hatchet's first album. It was a modern thrash masterpiece, and that's probably why this album took a bit to grow on me, but now I enjoy "Dawn of the End" even more than the debut. The production is perfect for a thrash record, with one of the crunchiest tones ever (best noticed on the mid-paced title track). Once again, Jules' signature lead guitar style is really noticeable, despite a bit of a shift in the style of the riffs. There's even some Iron Maiden influence in "Fall From Grace". As you saw from earlier in the list, this was by far the best thrash album of the year by a mile, until another contender arrived. Nonetheless, it will go down as one of the great retro thrash records of all time. The best songs are "Fall From Grace", "Dawn of the End", and "Vanishing Point".
My boys! I really should send this blurb over to Julz and company, I'm sure they'd be humbled as all hell from reading it. I forgot, did you finally get to see them on the Soilwork tour?

Now that it's been a good amount of time since the album came out, I definitely think Dawn of the End is a very high watermark for the traditional side of the retro-thrash thing, along with Waking Into Nightmares (we'll have to see if Fog of War match it, I think it's very possible). It's almost kind of like a nice coda for the re-thrash thing.
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