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35.) Sorcery - Arrival at Six

Originally my front runner for album of the year, it has kind of fallen by the wayside as of late. Not to say it's not a good album, because it is chock full of the HM-2 goodness that Swedish death metal is known for. Not really much else to say, just a rocking death metal album.

Master of the Chains
Arrival at Six

34.) Vattnet Viskar - Sky Swallower

An American atmospheric black metal band in the vein of Agalloch with a pinch more sludge influence a la Altar of Plagues. The album is wont to switch between bestial growls and blast beats to pretty clean guitar riffs at the drop of a dime.

New Alchemy

33.) Lord Dying - Summon the Faithless

Lord Dying aren't treading any new ground with their brand of thrashy stoner/sludge, but they still deliver a very entertaining record. I have to agree with what Slap said in his review about this sounding a lot like early High on Fire and that not being a bad thing. This record is just catchy sludge riff after catchy sludge riff.

In a Frightful State of Gnawed Dismemberment
Perverse Osmosis

32.) Kanye West - Yeezus

I've never really liked anything Kanye West has done before this (except some parts of Watch the Throne and his verses on the Katy Perry song), but for some reason this album really clicked with me and was on constant rotation in my car most of the summer. The beats are fucking enormous and I'm actually impressed with some of the wit in Kanye's lyrics. With the exception of "Hold My Liquor," I like at least a majority of each song on here. I'm not a fan of any of the parts with auto-tune singing which is disappointing that it's in here at all because the first half of "New Slaves" is probably my favorite song on the record until it devolves into singing. Same problem with "Blood on the Leaves" which has my favorite beat on the record, but doesn't come in until over a minute into the song and is preceded by some lame singing.

Black Skinhead
New Slaves

31.) Blockheads - This World is Dead

A fast as fuck grindcore album from French grinders, Blockheads. Blockheads have a pretty damn good ear for songwriting though and have more structure to their songs than your average grind band while never relenting on the brutality. The only time Blockheads slow it down is the last track, "Trail of the Dead," a seven minute sludge song which is definitely one of the highlights of the album. Also, the track "Be a Thorn to Power" totally has the same intro as an Oceano song which is hilarious, intentional or not.

This World is Dead
Trail of the Dead
12/9 Condition Critical
12/10 Denver Black Sky
12/11 The Casualties
12/23 Macabre
12/30 GoSt
12/31 High on Fire
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