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As a percentage, Ticketmaster fees are almost no higher per ticket now than they were in the 90's. Bruce Dickinson ticket @ $10 was hit with a $2.50 fee, that's 25% of face value. My Ghost ticket this year was $20 with a $5.30 fee, that's 26.5%. Opeth this year was $29.50 with a fee of $5.15, that's 17.5%.

Ticket prices aren't higher because of TM, inflation as I said does have some part in it, as it always will with all products. But you damn well better bet it's because of the attempt to make up losses where album sales used to be...why do you think you see all these ridiculous VIP packages everywhere now, even for the most B and C rate bands. They need new income streams now that no one is buying their music.
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