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I bought a Papa Roach shirt at Ozzfest 2001 (I was 13, don't judge me) for $40. yes I know Napster and such had been around for a year or two but records were still selling well at that time. So in 12 years I haven't seen a huge increase in merch prices when CD sales now compared to then are drastically lower. Plus like PVH5150 mentioned, a lot of the sky high ticket prices are because of ticketmaster and live nation charging ridiculous fees on tickets (though i'm not sure if your ticket prices you were giving are including that). And can't some of the blame for increasing ticket and merch prices be placed on just simple inflation?

I mean you said In Flames were only selling shirts for $10 during the Colony era (I assume it was during this time, correct me if i'm wrong), as opposed to probably $25-$35 now depending on the tour they're on. Are you saying that's primarily because of CD sales being down? Because I guarantee you, while I don't have any hard number in front of me, that their later albums (say from Reroute to Remain onwards) have sold a lot more copies in North America than the albums before that.

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