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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
And please, ticket prices and merch prices have always been sky high. They're not getting higher at all. In fact, in some cases they're getting cheaper. I've never been to a show before this past year for signed bands on mid-sized labels where bands were only charging $15 for a t-shirt. Big arena bands and bands on touring festivals like Warped and Ozzfest would always be charging $40 before p2p filesharing became an issue, because people are willing to pay that much.
Re-hee-hee-ally now. Is that so? Ozzfest & Warped tour had only been around for 2-3 years before Napster showed up. I went to Ozzfest '99. I spent $70 on a primo seat for Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, Slayer, Fear Factory and more. Shirts were no more than $25 I guarantee you.

I saw Bruce Dickinson in 1997 with Geezer Butler as the opener in NYC for $10 bucks...face value. Do you really think that would ever be the case today?

Ditto for In Flames at L'amour, with Moonspell opening. $10. I bought a long sleeve Colony sweater...$20.

The 2 Maiden goddamn reunion shows in NYC in 1999 were only $32 for GA floor, today $32 is the "convenience fee" for 2 tickets. My July 2012 seated side stage ticket in New Jersey was $88.50...almost triple for an inferior seat.

The Megadeth show 2 weeks ago here was around $70 and they had a 13 song setlist. Megadeth has had like 78 legs of a U.S. tour this year because it's the only way to make income nowadays with a t-shirt priced at $35-$40. Right after 9/11, Megadeth played a 2 night stint here, I payed $30 for each show and they played 24-25 songs each night.

So you telling me that tickets aren't getting more expensive is absolute insanity.
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