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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
And please, ticket prices and merch prices have always been sky high. They're not getting higher at all. In fact, in some cases they're getting cheaper. I've never been to a show before this past year for signed bands on mid-sized labels where bands were only charging $15 for a t-shirt. Big arena bands and bands on touring festivals like Warped and Ozzfest would always be charging $40 before p2p filesharing became an issue, because people are willing to pay that much.
They have not always been high. In fact, arena shows used to be affordable to the point where one could easily go to a dozen a year or more.

Case in point: Van Halen

1978: $6.00
1979: $8.50
1980: $8.75
1981: $9.75
1982: $12.50
1984: $13.50
1986: $16.50
1988: $18.50
1988 (Monsters of Rock): $27.50
1991: $22.50
1993: $25.50
1995: $28.50
1998: $35.00

The pre-P2P years. While ticket prices did indeed go up, it was incremental. A few bucks for every tour. If those rates continued, you'd be paying in the neighborhood of about $80 for a prime seat to any arena show by any major band that currently charges at least a buck and a half for anything near the stage (VH, Journey, Eagles, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, etc.)

Unfortunately, we live in a world where Ticketbastard/Live Nation/the almighty dollar rules harshly over us peasant folk and there's no way around it. If you intend on making a living in the music business these days, it certainly isn't going to be because of selling records.
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