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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
= Piracy, or copyright infringement
Well no shit, according to legal semantics not all copyright infringement can be considered theft. Also not all rectangles are squares.

I'm not talking about Colloquial Terminology (yep, I can read Wikipedia too!), I'm talking about the inherent idea of music piracy. You're taking something that isn't yours without permission or compensation. That's what we all learned as stealing when we were like five years old. I don't care if you're in Sweden, the States or wherever you choose to have your copyright law defined. You're stealing.

If you own up to it and truly don't give a shit, good for you. If you've discovered a lot of great music because of it, good for you again. But I mean come on, trying to give it another label that has less of a negative connotation in order to make yourself feel like less of a dick is cowardly and lame.
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