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No, theft is still theft. Piracy isn't theft. It's Piracy, as the picture explains. And the word "stolen" is there to parody how the word gets thrown around incorrectly to describe piracy. Saying your car gets "stolen" when it's still there is incorrect, just like saying downloading an album for free is "stealing" it when the physical copy it was developed from is still in the same place as it was before a pirated online copy was created. I especially feel it applies since ravenheart used an example of Porsches being outright stolen.

I'm not defending piracy, despite the fact that I take part in it (I know, i'm a bad person, fuck you). I'm just sick of the people on their high horse comparing it to actual theft. It's an incorrect analogy based on a huge logical fallacy. When people do something like compare an illegally acquired digital copy of an album to, say, stealing a painting from a museum, they're better off comparing it to a digital image of that same painting that was acquired for free without permission. Because that's what piracy is.

You think Piracy is wrong? I don't necessarily disagree. You want to say how it's bad? Say how it hurts the artists because they put their hard work into making the music and don't get the proper compensation for it, and have to rely more on touring and merchandise, and how it especially hurts recoupment. But quit using some high moral comparison that's not even correct. Especially since if you're "stealing" from anyone with piracy, it's the record companies, not the artists, since artists most of the time don't own any of their music, and even before downloading took off they saw next to nothing from physical CD sales. So why don't people cry fowl about how we're hurting the record companies? Oh right, because record companies are the big bad people (something I don't necessarily disagree with either), who we shouldn't feel sorry for. Just the bands.

And please, ticket prices and merch prices have always been sky high. They're not getting higher at all. In fact, in some cases they're getting cheaper. I've never been to a show before this past year for signed bands on mid-sized labels where bands were only charging $15 for a t-shirt. Big arena bands and bands on touring festivals like Warped and Ozzfest would always be charging $40 before p2p filesharing became an issue, because people are willing to pay that much.

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