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Amazing. So now theft isn't theft. Even though the snarky pic above blatantly contains the word "stolen" in it's meme description. The self-serving justifications are getting more and more outrageous. It's to the point where the thieves are now cocky enough to "educate" the rest of us on how theft and piracy are different.

It would be great to see a thief get their intellectual property stolen one day as a nice role reversal. Why do you think ticket and merch prices are rising astronomically lately? These bands are trying desperately to offset losses from album sales tanking as well as trying to keep up with normal inflation.

Maiden has a luxury of capitalizing on this situation, but most bands don't and can't. You have been and will see more of confused promoters having difficulty booking correctly sized venues for bands because of the mismatch in album sales to ticket sales. Congrats thief, everyone's life is now harder. Promoters play guessing games, bands have to tour a lot more (sets become shorter), labels have to cross a marketing minefield, shirts are now $40, disc manufacturers twiddle their thumbs while laying off more employees, record stores keep closing, and much more! But piracy is harmless right?
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