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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
So I went to a WWE House show last night in Rosemont, IL and HOLY SHIT WAS IT GOOD! Almost like a mini Raw.

I'll list the matches in order and give notes.

Ziggler (w) vs Ryback
Big pop for Ziggler for 5 minutes and boos for Ryback everywhere. The crowd went nuts for Ziggy, the first 5 minutes of the match was Ziggler making the crowd cheer him then boo Ryback.

AJ vs Natyala (w)
Was announced as a title match before AJ said she would not be defending her title as a christmas gift to herself. Natyala made her tapout out a sharpshooter. AJ was hot as always and Natyala is really cute too.

Wade Barret (w) vs Tyson Kidd
Bad News Barret had a video before hand saying that it was good that Chicago is called the Windy City and bad news that again Derrick Rose has hurt himself. Crowd cheered for Barrett and Kidd. Kidd had some good flips and jumps over the rope and on the apron but Barrett is just bigger and stronger. Caught Kidd in the air for his finisher.

Daniel Byrant and The Usos (w) vs The Wyatts (6 Man Tornado Tag Cage Match)
Holy shit the chants for Byrant were insane. Everyone in the packed arena standing and doing the hand signs while chanting yes. It was insane to see and be a part of. The Wyatts entrance and music was kinda creepy actually. Usos got a big pop to. All three Wyatts fought and the match was your standard one almost. Good spots but somewhat predictable. Still really cool to see.


Kofi Kingston and The Miz vs Prime Time Players (w)
Started off as a special holiday edition of Miz TV with Miz talking to Kofi about their tag match a few weeks ago where Miz walked off on Kofi mid match and cost him the loss. Then Vicki Guerro came out and the arena booed so loudly during her entire speech that no one could actually hear a word she said. Kofi and the Miz both broke character because they couldn't stop laughing in the ring during this. When she finally got done talking Miz told her she'd have to say it again because the crowd booed so loud that no one can her. During the match Miz started to walk off before he saw Kofi about to win so he ran in the ring tagged himself in and went to go for his finisher before Kofi kicked him giving PTP the chance for the finished and win.

Title Match
Sandow vs R Truth vs Big E Langston (w)

R Truth rapped his entire entrance and it took forever, his whats up chants are always funny. Sandow was boring and kept trying to hide behind the entrance or under the ring during the match. Big E is a big ass monster.

Mark Henry (w) vs Fandango
This was the fan chosen match and the voting was between it being a dance off or a match. As pre determined the dance won. Fandango had the crowd singing his entrance and dancing and Henry got a big push. Henry kinda looks like a fat Ahmed Johnson in his day. Fandango went first for the dance off then Henry pulled out a glove and Michael Jacksons Bad started playing and the crowd went nuts. Fandango jumped Henry and Henry beat the crap outta him for a few minutes before Fandango ran and Henry finished his dance. Summer Rae though is hot as fuck.

Last match though was a good one and a repeat. Shield did a video saying how in Chicago they wouldn't let Punk take them again.

Punk vs Shield (3 vs 1 match)
As usual the place went fucking nuts for Punk and Punk was having a blast. He did a roll down the ramp and just loved it. The crowd went on forever it seemed. Match was great and they really paced it to where it was actually reasonable that Punk could defeat them. Really fucking good match. Punk always win though! BEST IN THE WORLD!

Punk afterwards grabbed a mic and did a mini pipe bomb! It included him saying how the holiday house show after christmas is really his favorite since he lives 15 minutes away and he just gets to come see his hometown crowd in a smaller setting. He said he didn't do it last year because he was two weeks past knee surgery. Then he said how WWE originally had just asked him to come out and cut a promo but Punk told them hell no that for Chicago he wouldn't just cut a promo at a televised house show. He said that people don't pay money to see someone come out and talk and that he wanted to make sure Chicago got to see him wrestle. Cutting a promo and just talking isn't what anyone wants to see and wrestling is what we paid for. Some guy then yelled you suck at Punk and Punk called him out saying that its nice to see that he had to steal his moms money or whatever persons hes living with to come here since they always need the seedy scum to be around. He then said that instead of watched the good match that just happened that guy would rather be at next years Wrestlemania to see the groundbreaking new wrestling match thatll change history featuring Cena vs Orton for the 100th time. Then he said he respected the guy for voicing his opinion and he doesnt care if someone doesnt like him because in his own eyes he sometimes think he sucks. He ended it by saying that he doesnt care if anyone likes him because hes CM Punk. Final words by him were "I don't care if you like me because I don't want everyone to love me no matter what, I'm not Hulk Hogan or John Cena, I don't need that"
So many similarities between this and the MSG show last night (the following are not in order except for the first and last).

Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio
This was definitely the opening match of the night, Del Rio is BURIED wow, even though he got good crowd reaction. Predictably, Mysterio wins with a 619.

Brodus Clay vs Zack Ryder
WOO WOO WOO! My hometown boy was getting slaughtered by fat boy Clay for 99% of the 5 minute match, until Clay missed a turnbuckle splash for a 3rd time, and Ryder pinned him with a curl from behind. Clay went for the cheap heat at the entrance wearing a Celtics jersey. I suspect he'll be wearing a Knicks jersey when they travel deeper into New England this week.

8 Divas Dance-Off followed by a match
They asked fans to vote for either a dance-off or a match, the fake vote determined it was to be a dance-off. So it was the Bellas and The Funkadactyls vs. Aksana, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, and Alicia Fox. After stupid pointless and unexciting "dancing", of course they inevitably attack each other and Brad Maddox comes out and announces a match right then and there. So they all do typical girl wrestling stuff and the Bellas/Funk are the winners. Glad to see Kaitlyn though, she's awesome.

Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs The Real Americans in a steel cage match
Started off slow but really picked up towards the end. My first thought was why is this a steel cage match? Don't they save these things for main events? Whatever, the best part was when Cody moonsaulted off not the top rope, but the top of the cage to pin Cesaro! Holy smokes that's dangerous.

Kane vs Big Show with Booker T as the special guest referee
The Director of Operations felt like wrestling so he did, without mask. Great pop for Booker T, and when Big Show won, that's when the fun began. T gets on the mic and brings out from backstage Michael P.S. Hayes (??!!) and he comes out and does his awesome strut in the ring and then a Moonwalk lol, great to see him. Big Show does a pretend spin-a-rooney with some help from T because he's too fat. And then T finishes it off with his own much fun.

Curtis Axel vs Sin Cara
Sleeper match of the night. Sin Cara what. Axel gets on the mic and says no way I'm ending 2013 like this, bring someone else out to wrestle me, blah blah, hence...

Curtis Axel vs The Great Khali
Khali comes out and the place gives a really good pop. Khali beats Axel in under a minute with a head chop. Whoop-dee-doo.

3MB vs Los Matadores & El Torito
Ok, this one I didn't understand. That was NOT Heath Slater in the ring, it was someone else. Mahal & McIntyre were themselves, but I really have no clue who the third was. This other guy was black haired, way different build than Slater, pudgier. My first thought was "is that Ricardo"? I was too far away to tell so I feel like I'll never know. I just don't understand what was going on. Anyway, El Torito pinned that guy for the win.

Cena vs Orton
Oh goodie. The usual Cena sucks/let's go from the crowd, no big surprises or excitement, just back and forth and back and forth with RKO's and power slams and AA's and 5 knuckle shuffles. A knocked out ref to boot, and since it was a title match and they can't have that change hands at a house show, nor can they ever pin Cena to make him look bad, this ended in a Cena win by DQ since Orton felt like punching him in the sack. Cena gets on the mic and does his usual goodwill ambassador type of speech saying how nice it was to be at the new, renovated MSG and how this venue is so important to the company history and all that.

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