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Batista coming back is aight but word on the net is he may win the RR. That would be lame.

WM realistic predictions:

Cena vs Bryan vs Orton WWE Title

Punk vs HHH No DQ match

Undertaker vs Lesnar ( 2 out of 3 falls match would be dope especially if this is Taker's last match. Heyman could easily sell that as Lesnar's mouthpiece)

The Shield vs The Wyatts Six man elimination match

Big E vs Batista IC Title (Batista is eliminated by Big E in RR and boom we got a nice feud to make Big E a monster star)

Ladder match for tag titles-Rhodes Bros vs Real Americans vs The Usos vs RyAxel
-If Rhodes bros do feud then replace them with the Matadores and throw in Goldust vs Cody Rhodes as a singles match

AJ Lee vs ??? Divas Title

pre show-20 man battle royale for a chance at the US title on monday night raw the next day. This match can include Kofi, Fandango, Ziggler, Sandow,etc all the dudes who are just doing nothing right now.

Sounds realistic and pretty damn good to me. Y2J may return so he may be in a huge match and Hogan and Goldberg may also make non wrestling appearances. Hoagn could be in Cena's corner or something.
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