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#5 Power Trip - Manifest Decimation

Power Trip is yet another reason why I absolutely love this board so much. I had never heard of Power Trip until I was reading the 2013 thread in the album reviews section. I looked them up and I was just blown away. When I found out they played crossover/thrash, I knew that there was really going to be no way that I wouldn't love this and holy shit was I right.

Although after several lessons. I'm really thinking this feels to me more like a full on thrash album with a hint of crossover. This definitely doesn't have the feel of thrash from 2013. After my 1st listen the only album that I kept thinking about was how much listening to this reminded me of Bonded By Blood. The music reminded me so much of early Exodus and vocally there were several times where it reminded me of Paul Baloff. Tracks 1-8, there are no weak tracks, no let downs, no lulls in the action. For me the album really picks up when we get to Conditioned To Death which starts out sounding like something that could have been on Kill Em All. Murderers Row is the next track and it is my favorite. Great groove, great solo, just a monster of a track. And to continue my Exodus comparison Crossbreaker is the next track with a beginning that takes me back to Braindead with a great bassline.

I cannot think of a debut album (excluding the 7" they released last year) that I loved more than this album in a very long time. I like the Municipal Waste & Toxic Holocaust types of thrash that they both make. But this is on another level from the type of thrash that those types of bands are making. If you have not heard this and you like early Metallica, Exodus, Possessed, etc. then go out and do it right now.

Stand out tracks:
Murderer's Row
Conditioned To Death
10/7 - Run The Jewels
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