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#6 Nails - Abandon All Life

Wow. That is the first thing that I could even think of when I first heard Nails. I'm a little late to the Nails party. I first heard of Nails from this board and I finally got around to checking them out back in the summer of this year and I listened to Unsilent Death & then Abandon All Life one after the other. All I could even think of was wow.

This album might be the epitome of an album that has ABSOLUTELY no filler. This album is just so absolutely unrelentingly crushing. I kinda think of listening to this album like you are in a boxing match. The shorter songs just feels like you are getting quick jabs and longer songs like Wide Open Wound & Suum Cuique feels like you're just getting head blow after head blow before getting knocked out. Being a fan of early Napalm Death I definitely like the short quick songs on here. To me, where I think this album shines the most is on those 2 longer songs that I mentioned. I think of these as similar to the Cannibal Corpse songs that I love the most are the ones that are slower songs that just adds to the heaviness of the songs. That's the only thing that I would have changed from this masterpiece of an album is having them add even like 1 more song thats over 2:00 in length.

I'm really just running out of different ways to say how great of an album this is & how great of a band Nails is as well. If this album doesn't hit the Metalsetlists end of year Top 10 I would consider that to be a huge upset.

Stand Out Tracks:
The Whole Damn Album, Seriously its 17 minutes. Just listen to the whole thing.
10/7 - Run The Jewels
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