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Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post

19. Death Angel - The Dream Calls For Blood

Can anybody explain where this Death Angel came from and what they did with the Death Angel of albums past? I've always been a huge supporter of Death Angel, and I did like their previous albums, but they had a bad habit of putting a couple of fast tunes on their records and then easing off the gas for the rest of the album. On "The Dream Calls For Blood", they did no such thing. This album is pure speed for the most part, and is really impressive. If this is the new direction of Death Angel, I will definitely get to be more excited for each of their releases. My favourites are "Son of the Morning", "The Dream Calls For Blood", and "Caster of Shame".
I'd have to say being a Death Angel fan has been one really interesting roller coaster of a ride. I was there from Day 1 when they were a big zine favorite. Loved the speed metal Ultra Violence then when Frolic came out it took a few spins but songs like Mind Rape, 3rd Floor and eventually Bored sunk in. Act III had songs I loved and songs I hated. Eventually I grew to really like songs like Room with a View and Veil of Deception only to have them vanish soon after.

I remember going to see The Organization live with 50 or so other people and they were great live actually. The the 5-6 Death Angel songs they played were all the heavy stuff so I got back into that and then kinda forgot about them.

Art of Dying and Killing Season both piqued my interest but not enough to really get me back into them. Then Relentless came out and I saw them live for the 1st time in 20 years and was blown away. The new songs were awesome live and way heavier than on cd.

Now they drop The Dream Calls For Blood on us? A full circle speed metal classic? <insert Scanners overused gif here> Mind Blown.

Wouldn't it be great if Megadeth and other bands had followed a similar path? I guess Testament has to a certain degree but not the pure speed metal path like DA took. I really hope they can influence some of those old school bands to do the same thing. NEED MORE SPEED!
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