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Alice in Chains – the Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Deafheaven – Roads to Judah
Deftones – Diamond Eyes
Delirium – Semantic Spaces
Dillinger Escape Plan, the – Ire Works
Dillinger Escape Plan, the – Operation Paralysis
Municipal Waste – Hazardous Mutation
Neurosis – Honor Found in Decay

Video Game
Grand Theft Auto V

Best of Goldberg
ECW: Unreleased Vol. 2

A 2014 Mass Effect Calendar

A Boss HM-2 pedal I bought for myself back in October

A few metal mags (my wife gets me Metal Hammer every year, I don’t even really like that magazine but I always find it funny. This issue has a great quote on the cover from Joey Jordinson “Slipknot is a Virus!!” or something. And it has Five Finger Death Punch on the cover, and comes with a free 5FDP CD! Called 'Eleven Cuts and a Bunch of Stitches', fuck yeah, 'Merica!)

Above all, I got the fun of watching my two boys go totally apeshit crazy this year.

I have Christmas with my parents tomorrow and I think I’ll get two or three more CD’s.
05/20 -- Weedeater
05/28 -- Sick of it All
06/03 -- Nadja
06/10 -- Sunn 0)))
06/19 -- Nails
06/25 -- Madball
07/09 -- WWE
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