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3. Kingston Wall - I-III (1992-1994)

Christmas Special... the only non-metal band on this whole list... the Finnish Prog Psychedelic Space Rock band, Kingston Wall! I couldn't pick just ONE album out of their 3 they put out in the early to mid nineties to be on this list, so I had to choose the whole trilogy! I had no idea who this band ever was, not the slightest, until my girlfriend introduced them to me and I fell in love. The music is rockin, the drums are (MPF, you MUST listen to them...) and they are just an all around amazing band. It's a shame their career ended so suddenly, but at least the 3 albums they left us with are all amazing in their own way. I is a more straight up classic rock album in vein of Jimi Hendrix, II is much more experimental and catchy, as well as original, and III-Trilogy is a lot like II... if II were to drop tons of acid before recording.

I would recommend this band to all of you if you enjoy some Psychedelic Prog. This isn't even my favorite style of music, but these albums are just GREAT!

And I Hear You call (I) -
Two Of A Kind (II) -
Could It Be So (II) -
Another Piece of Cake (III) -
Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age

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