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2. Whirling - Faceless Phenomena (2010)

Now, I guess I can say I am kinda cheating with this one in a way. I had heard this album years ago, back when I used to download tons of music, but I never got around to giving it a good spin. I decided to listen to a lot of my older music that I only had burnt copies of, and re-found this masterpiece. I don't know how to describe this album, other than disturbingly beautiful. The music makes you feel like you are walking through an insane asylum, and the vocals (mainly cleans) are haunting with the reverb and tone they produce. This album has easily snuck in to one of my favorite albums of all time. There really isn't much more I can say about this album, as it is in a league of its own. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

TL;DR Version - Listen to this album if you enjoy weird shit.

Globe in Sway -
The Watcher -

This music will give you nightmares.
Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age

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