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Originally Posted by Datjazzfusion View Post
Forgot about Boris releasing an album I'll get on that.
And.... I guess this Christmas I will be listening to rap/hip-hop to see if any of those three click.
Thanks for the enthusiasm man, I appreciate it. Definitely check out Boris' new one. If you happen to dig any of the hip-hop releases, that's awesome, but don't feel weird if you don't dig it. Since you're into jazz, I'd highly recommend checking out BADBADNOTGOOD, they're a jazz/improv trio that does interpretations of a lot of hip-hop tunes.

Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72 View Post
I'm a big fan of Präparat. I don't think it's up to the par of other recent Boris albums, and what you said is kinda true about it being a bit autopiloty. But as an album it's still a great listen and some of the songs (Mirano and Bataille Sucre in particular) are amazing.
I actually liked Präparat more than all of Boris' 2011 output. I think Boris also put out a hardcore punk album this year, but I haven't checked it out. They're such a nutty band

Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I only listened to 10-15 hip-hop cd's in 2013 and those 3 were some of the best. I liked the new Lil Wayne better than Kanye and Jay-Z put together and would only have that one over those 3.

I'm surprised Gambino isn't bigger than he is. Dude is clever as hell
Yeah I didn't listen to too many hip-hop releases either. I didn't even check out MCHG, and I definitely didn't check out the new Lil Wayne. I liked Yeezus a lot but after the initial hype I've noticed too many flaws with the album for it to warrant a write-up. Tracks like On Sight, Black Skinhead, New Slaves, and Bound 2 are still awesome though.
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