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Gigantour -- Holmdel, NJ -- August 24th, 2005

Uhh, I could have posted this in Overkiller's thread .... but .... !

Anyway, me and Overkiller left for PNC around 12:00, got there around 2:00. We spent well over an hour looking for Golden Goose and the rest of the NJ crew from the IMBB, but we couldn't find them. So anyway, after just sitting around for a while, they start letting people into the venue around around, I dunno, like 4:00. It was funny, because all day I was trying to think of how I could sneak my camera in, and while we were standing in line, a guy came around telling the festival policies, and he was like "Cameras are allowed", so I was happy. We went to the merch tent and got tour shirts. We then went to the FYE stad, where they had CD's from each band playing. And if you bought any CD's, they gave you a braclet which allowed you to meet that band later on in the day. So me and Overkiller both got the new Megadeth Greatest Hits. Then at around 4:30, a guy from the radio station (that was sponsoring the event) was like "Uhh, here's some band that one a contest to play here or something. They're called Divinity Destroyed." So we watched them. I didn't care for them.

Then Bobaflex came on. I didn't care for them either, not much else to say, haha. Well, we werent sure who were coming on next, so we decided to go see what was going on on the main stage. We get there, and Nevemore are already halway through their set. There werent that many people there for them, so we moved up from our real seats (almost last row, on the right, first section) after a few minutes. Here are some pictures I took:

After them, we wanted to go see what was happening on the second stage. As we were leaving there, Dillinger Escape Plan took the main stage. After 5 seconds I decided I needed to get to the second stage ASAP, but I did take two pictures specially for Nick:

We get down to the second stage where Symphony X are being set up. After a good 20 minutes of standing there, they took the stage. These guys were really good, and, as Overkiller said in his review, they seemed really happy about the turnout and the fact that they were home. I would have taken more pictures, but a big moshit erupted right next to me, and I was afraid of getting slammed into and having my camera fall from my hands and break.

After that, we headed back to the second stage, and Fear Factory were already playing. I got one picture, and then we headed up to get in line to meet Megadeth

One we finally got into the signing tent, the lady said "No pictures", but I was like "Oh well" and I snuck one in.

And here's my signed album:

So anyway, after we met 'Deth, we went back to our seats, and Dream Theater were playing. I thought they were pretty cool, but Pettruci's new look was pissing me off all night, he looks like he belongs in System of a Down Anyway, I took a few pictures, but stopped after 3 becuase they weren't coming out good. We were seated too far away and lighting wasnt helping. But here they are:

After DT, alot of people left for the food and beer stands. So, me and Overkiller took the opportunity to move to the 9th row, center We watched them set up for 'Deth for a good half an hour. The lights went out, and we could just barely see the band take the stage. BOOM, flames shoot into the air and the band rips into Blackmail the Universe. Right then you knew it was going to be incredible. The setlist was the same as the other nights. There were so many pyrotechnics, it was incredible. During Dream Theater's set, KerryKingsBeard sent me a text message saying "Call me during Tornado of Souls." Right when the song started, I got out my cell phone and called him up. I hope he got the call, I couldn't tell . Late in the set between songs (I don't remember which ones), Dave said "I'd just like to point out that today is our pryotechnician's birthday." Dave then pulls out a small lighter, lights it, and says "So, here's my tribute to him. Happy birthday Joe." (or whatever the tech's name was). It was pretty funny Anyway, overall, Megadeth's show was phenominal. And here are the pictures!

It was a great day and night, I hope to see Megadeth again

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