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#7: The Dillinger Escape Plan - One Of Us Is The Killer

This feels like a natural progression that has been coming ever since Miss Machine. Everything that came before Miss Machine were complex song structures and odd time signatures. Usually almost any other band who simplifies their songs & music will make progressively shittier music & fans will cry sell out. To DEP this statement is dead wrong. Simple isn't always bad. Less is more.

I look forward to new DEP every few years because I always want to see what new ideas are brought to the table. They manage to mesh brutality, technical proficiency & as of late some of the most infectious choruses. Album starts out w/ one of my favorites "Prancer". It feels like Greg is doing just as much screaming but yet the lyrics seem easier to understand. This is another example of a great chorus as well & it stuck in my head quickly. "When I Lost My Bet" & "Understanding Decay" are great examples of Dillinger using the jazzy interludes that they've used for years. My favorite song on here is "Nothing's Funny". This would have almost been the best song to use as their first single. Brutal at certain points but features mostly clean singing from Greg with one of their best choruses they've ever written period, "Eventually the jokes aren’t free/and Nothing’s ever fun/and Nothing’s funny."

I don't think they out did themselves from Option Paralysis, (which I absolutely loved) but even if it's not better that's no slight to this album. I still have yet to hear DEP make a bad album and this album will not start that streak. They've made an album that is still accessible & still manages to have balls.

Standout Tracks: Nothing's Funny
When I Lost My Bet
10/7 - Run The Jewels

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