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Old Man Markley -- Fullerton, CA -- December 22nd, 2013

Venue: Slidebar
Source: me

This was a free matinee show at the Slidebar. Unlike most shows here, the bar stage was used, which is very small, especially for a band with a lot of members like OMM. This was my first time seeing them and they put on an amazing show. A lot of energy the entire time. Only two problems. For some reason, the show was early enough in the day so that it was still all ages so there were a lot of small children in the front row. It was really weird to see. Also, the sound guy wasn't paying enough attention and kept messing the sound up. Oh well. The ending of the show was weird with a random Dre cover.

Clinch Mountain Backstep
Killing Time
So Much More
Running Weight
Come Around Here
At The Bottom
Guts N' Teeth
Party Shack ‎
Train Of Thought
For Better For Worse
Blood On My Hands
Song Songs
In A Circle Going Round
Feel Good Song of the Year(No Use for a Name cover)
Living And Learning
The Science Of Myth
Do Me Like You Do
Too Soon For Goodnight
Forget About Dre (Dr Dre cover)
Who needs a god when you've got Big Macs?
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