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Should not have let this die as quickly as I did.

Billy Joel-

The Stranger:
1. Scenes From An Italian Restaraunt
2. The Stranger
3. Vienna
4. Only The Good Die Young
5. She's Always A Woman
6. Movin Out
7. Everybody Has A Dream
8. Just The Way You Are
9. Get It Right The First Time

52nd Street:
1. Honesty
2. Until The Night
3. Big Shot
4. Stilletto
5. Zanzibar
6. Half a Mile Away
7. My Life
8. Rosalinda's Eyes
9. 52nd Street

Glass Houses:
1. You May Be Right
2. All For Leyna
3. Sleeping With The Television On
4. Sometimes A Fantasy
5. Don't Ask Me Why
6. It's Still Rock & Roll To Me
7. I Don't Want To Be Alone
8. Close To The Borderline
9. Through The Long Night
10. You Were The One (C'Etait Toi)
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