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Battlecross -- Flint, MI -- December 20th, 2013

This show was billed as the 1st annual BattleChristmas. Lets hope Battlecross plays an annual Xmas show at The Machine Shop. This was a fantastic show, and I LOVE going to shows at The Machine Shop.

A band from Detroit called Wulfhook played first. I'd never heard of them, but they were really cool. I could tell they are big fans and also heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, Dio, and 3 Inches of Blood. Let's put it that way. They were awesome!

It Lies Within played next. They're a really cool metal band from Flint. They ended their set w/ a new song that they said very few people had heard before. I am not one of those few. That new song was definitely the highlight of their set, so I can't wait for their new record.

It Lies Within setlist
The Watcher
Home is Where the Heart Is
Redefined Identity
Thoughts of Nevaeh
We, The Betrayed
new song

Wilson was next. The lead singer from Battlecross introduced them by saying, "I lost these guys in the ocean, but I found them. WWIILLLLSOONNNN!" (a reference to the movie "Cast Away"). That was funny. I've seen Wilson a bunch of times. They're really establishing a local following. The first few times I saw them I wasn't a huge fan because I just saw them as sort of a knock-off of Every Time I Die. Their sound has sort of evolved into something more their own in recent years, and they're always very good live. Their set was fun.

Battlecross headlined and played their entire WAR OF WILL album before ending w/ "Push Pull Destroy." It was really cool to hear a lot of songs off of that record that I've never heard live before. Plus, the songs "Beast," "Flesh & Bone," and "Ghost Alive" are all killer! I really hope Battlcross makes this show an annual thing at The Machine Shop. What a fun night!

Battlecross setlist
Force Fed Lies
My Vaccine
Wage a War
Ghost Alive
Never-Ending Night
Never Coming Back
Flesh & Bone
The Will to Overcome
Get Over It
Push Pull Destroy
12/4 It Lies Within
12/11 & 15 For Today
12/16 WCAR
12/18 I Prevail
1/11 ABR
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