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13. Black Breath - Sentenced to Life

This is the first time this band has ever appeared on one of my year-end lists, and the reason for that consists of two equally simple facts: (1) I've never really listened to them before, and (2) this album is fucking ridiculously good. Black Breath uses that sweet "buzzsaw" guitar tone created by the Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal pedal, which has been popularized by bands such as Entombed and Dismember over the years, and all I can say is that I'm a pure sucker for it. Not only that, but the rhythms and pure power of the songs on this album are just simply outstanding. These guys really know how to make brutally heavy, metal-laden hardcore. They remind me of a band I used to worship called Asschapel (good luck finding their stuff, but if you can, it's as exquisite as this album is). There's not much else to say, other than the fact that this album just blew me away on the first listen and continues to melt my face every time I listen to it. It's a glorious little piece of Hell, is what it is.
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