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4. Kreator
November 3
The Opera House

I did go to a decent number of concerts in 2013 (nowhere near as many as a lot of you guys though!), but thrash is the greatest music in existence, and seeing 3 of my favourite thrash bands ever was awesome. When I saw Kreator last (2009), I was still getting into their music, but now I love all of their old and new stuff. Kreator is a completely brutal experience and Mille is among the best frontmen in metal. While the setlist was not ideal (needs more Extreme Aggression), there weren't really many bad choices.

3. Helloween
September 28
The Opera House

Much like Firewind, this is a band that was on my bucketlist for a long time. Helloween is the golden standard for great power metal. Surprisingly it was their Deris-era stuff that worked better for me, but the night as a whole was great. Helloween is probably among the catchiest bands ever, and there is nothing more fun than a power metal concert where everybody is singing along to "Future World".
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