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14. Caspian - Waking Season

Speaking of Caspian... what can I say, except that 2012 was a fantastic year for post-rock and post-metal? (In fact, there are three more albums from those genres still yet to be revealed on this list.) Also speaking of best-of-the-best quality bands, here I am talking about Caspian in that context yet again. Now, it's true that I've loved them since 2005's "You Are the Conductor", but the plain and simple fact is that this band just keeps getting better and better with every song and every album, and thus it is literally impossible for me to ignore them when doling out musical praise. This album is without a doubt their best yet, and it combines so many wonderful aspects that it's hard to choose where to begin. From the exceptional control over pace and dynamics to the expert use (but not overuse) of technology to the expansion of their sonic palette since the last album, Caspian show so much growth and raw talent on "Waking Season" that it's fair to say that I will go out of my way to see their shows and buy their albums every chance I get. Fanboy? Guilty as charged, but when the music is this good it's a piece of cake to justify it. If you doubt the quality, just spin the disc and you'll hear what all the fuss is about. These guys are the real deal. There is simply no better purely guitar-keyboard-drums-based band out there in post-rock today - period.
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