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Now on to full lengths...

50.) Extermination Dismemberment - Serial Urbicide

This Belarussian slam death outfit makes some competent slam with the gimmick (that totally worked) of ridiculous bass drops. Whether it be the sheer number of bass drops in one song or the long and drawn out comedic bass drops, Extermination Dismemberment has them. It's not a bad album musically, but the comedy from the bass drops gives it an extra depth of entertainment that keeps me coming back to this album.

Serial Urbicide
Devastation Squad

49.) Windhand - Soma

With the soaring melodic vocals of vocalist Dorthia Cottrell and the heavy, sludgy doom riffs this album sounds like a cross between Morne and Pallbearer. This is one of those albums best enjoyed by yourself in a dark room, very introspective. If I had to give this album any criticism, it'd be the length of the last song, "Boleskine." Very rarely is a song over twenty minutes going to keep me enthralled and this is no exception.


48.) Mourning Cloak - No Visible Light

Crushing sludgy doom with more than a little black metal influence. I keep seeing this labeled as funeral doom around the internet, but I'd it's far less suffocating than your average funeral doom release. Funeral Doom Lite, if you
will. The riff around the 2:00 mark of "Erosion" might be one of the best doom riffs of the year.

Sonofabitch! No YT links. Fuck it. Here's a link to their Bandcamp

47.) Cathedral - The Last Spire

Okay, I'm going to be honest, I'm not all too familiar with Cathedral, but if The Last Spire is any indication of their overall sound, then I'm going to have to go check out the rest of their discography. This is how I want traditional doom to sound, heavy and catchy. The intro track "Entrance to Hell" serves as an eerie opener to the album that takes you back to the days of the Black Plague where carts would come nightly to pick up the day's dead while the drivers chanted, "Bring out your dead!" which segues perfectly in the epic that is "Pallbearer."

Tower of Silence
Since I couldn't find YT links for "Pallbearer" or "Cathedral of the Damned," here's Infestation of Grey Death

46.) Acranius - When Mutation Becomes Homicidal

Acranius takes all the best parts of slam, hardcore and deathcore and pack them all into this ultra brutal release. If any of the aforementioned genres are your thing, then this album is an absolute must. I'm going to finish this review with an interesting quote from a review on MA referring to the genre-bending of Acranius: "it makes the title of the album seem to make a lot more sense being that they really did pull off an absolutely GENIUS mutation that ended up becoming "homicidal: in the means of the music being brutally badass."

Life Sustainment to Continue Mutilation
5/25 Mitochondrion PHI
5/26-29 MDF
5/31 Discharge
6/10 Endorphins Lost
6/11 Test
6/17 Nails
6/18 Demolition Hammer NYC
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